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Made with Paper

Made with Paper

When dreaming up new product ideas for This is Ground, the design process for our founder Mike Macadaan starts with the FiftyThree Paper app and Pencil, so we were thrilled to see the Cargito featured on Made with Paper.

One of the best parts about working at FiftyThree is how often we’re inspired by our users. We love being at the heart of creation’s nascency, those early stages where ideas aren’t fully formed and full of possibility. Sometimes notes and sketches stay as just that, wonderful and crazy ideas, and sometimes they continue to take shape and eventually evolve into finished products. We’ve had designers sketch ideas for what became clothing and accessories, UX designs that became websites or iPhone and Android apps, playful creations that became children’s toys, architectural sketches that became foundations for houses, the list goes on.

When Mike Macadan wrote in to tell us about Cord Tacos and Corditos, however, we wondered if he had engineered a tasty new snack using Paper. Turns out, they’re a line of beautifully designed leather goods for storing electronic cords. Particularly cool for us was the fact that Paper is a core tool in his design process, and that his most recent product–a leather charging iPad case called Cargito– was optimized to perfectly fit Pencil. You can see some of Mike’s ideas on Paper up on top.

The result of those ideas? The Cargito Air Charging iPad Case along with its compact counterpart.

Cargito will be ready to ship this Spring. In the meantime, you can pre-order Cargito on the company’s site, This is Ground. We’re not the only ones digging Mike’s products: Wired, Complex, and Cool Hunting have also taken note of his clean, simple designs and beautiful craftsmanship.

Cargito Air Whiskey

Cargito Mini Black

Cargito Whiskey (Charging)

In Wired

iPad Mini Cargito Case on Wired
Our Cargito Charging iPad Case was featured on Wired’s Gadget Lab last week. Thanks Tim!

From the makers of the much-loved Cord Tacos, This Is Ground’s Cargito iPad cases combine simple design with hidden treats. They’re loaded with mobile charging options and compartments for sidecar necessities.

The Cargito Air Charging iPad Case comes with a 7000 mAh battery in a zip-up compartment and an integrated Lightning cable that lets you give your iPad a full recharge in transit while it’s tucked inside the full-leather sleeve. There’s also a smaller and cheaper version — the Cargito Mini Charging iPad Case — made for the iPad Mini.

Both sizes include a strap that’s fitted to hold a Pencil stylus, a compartment for your business and/or credit cards, and a zip-up pocket. In the charger-equipped versions of each case, the rechargeable battery goes in that zip pocket; there are also non-charging versions of each sized case that free up that zip compartment for spare change, hard candy, or a pocketable amount of what-have-you.