Welcoming the MOD

It’s finally here!


This Monday, we launched the Mod and have been so excited by the amazing response from all our friends and customers. The Mod is our refined take on the folio case, filling the gap between a slim wallet and a backpack while carrying all the modern essentials.

Although our Toffee Tan Mod has been the star on our Instagram feed, the Mod is also available in a rich, sturdy Tobacco Brown leather and shiny Silver Dollar.

Our lifestyle inserts easily snap in and out of the Mod shell along its magnetic spine, allowing you to transform your Mod into a totally different beast on the inside with the same beautiful, minimal exterior.

In addition to the Executive insert pictured above, we have 9 other lifestyle inserts (with more to come!) for every persona out there: the Writer, Explorer, Designer, Musician, you name it. Even the tech maven in need of a charging battery.

inserts_zpse45ce32f(top left to right: the Charger, the Designer, the Explorer, the Illustrator, the Jeweler, the Musician, the Shooter, the Traveler, the Writer)

For more information on the Mod and all our inserts, check out:


Our first run of Mods is small and quantities are limited, so buy yours now at thisisground.com.

Photos by Melanie Riccardi


  1. Kate June 16, 2014

    Hi! Any idea when you’ll be making these for full-sized iPads?

    • tigmaster July 22, 2014

      They are now available for iPad Air.


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